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Why PublicDataCheck?

PublicDataCheck is your direct source to easily access accurate public records. Once you search a name or address in our intuitive search engine, we collect records from various databases and public information into one concise report. PublicDataCheck strives to clarify public records. It is our goal to make it easy and stress free to find quality data on anyone. With this mission, we have become a premier search website that has helped millions of Americans find comprehensive, accurate, and affordable background data.

Here are some differences that set PublicDataCheck apart from other public record and people search sites:

1. 7-day Trial

PublicDataCheck provides a 7-day trial with complete access to background information and unlimited searches. Everything is included upfront and the user is able to experience all aspects of PublicDataCheck. The no hassle trial is implemented to demonstrate PublicDataCheck's capabilities. The trial offers customers a chance to familiarize themselves with all the background report information included in the PublicDataCheck package.

2. Accurate Information

In order to provide PublicDataCheck customers with the most accurate, up-to-date information available, our search service aggregates records from various databases and public records. We place a great emphasis on quality data. After you perform a search, our search engine provides you with a concise report with data collected from a wide range of databases; this disposes of flawed information and ensures legitimate, recent, and accurate information.

3. Trust Factor

We understand that your people search may be conducted during a fragile or sensitive time. Your privacy is important to us – and we make sure the person you are searching for will never be notified of your search. We try our best to provide you with the accurate information you need. PublicDataCheck does not share any information you provide us with.

4. Unlimited Searches and Reports

Our service does not place any limits on the amount of people you can search. As a PublicDataCheck member, you can pull reports on as many people as you choose. Many people search themselves, family members, and much more. To see how other customers have used PublicDataCheck, visit Authorized and Unauthorized Uses.

5. Monitoring and Email Alerts

PublicDataCheck provides you with automatic alerts on up to four chosen individuals. If their profile and information change, you will be notified immediately. This way you will learn of any new information right away and do not have to wait until the next time you decide to log into your account.

6. Emergency Response Profiles

As part of our personal protection tools, we provide you with the ability to create Emergency Response Profiles (ERP's). Our ERP's store photos and vital information in a "virtual vault." In case you ever need access to this information, your ERP can be accessed by yourself and you can also send it to law enforcement in the case that the individual goes missing, is lost, or abducted. The ERP is a precautionary tool that can provide extra assistance in an investigation case.

7. Nationwide Sex Offender Information

Our members are able to access PublicDataCheck's nationwide database of Registered Sex Offenders by running unlimited searches. A search will provide you with a profile including: a photo, full name, home address, age, detailed report of convictions, physical description, and more. The report also displays a map of the Registered Sex Offender's home and location in relation to you. Members can search a specific individual by providing an address, zip code, or first/last name.

8. Sex Offender Monitoring and Email Alerts

PublicDataCheck also allows members to set up four monitoring areas to regulate new Sex Offender activity. In the event a Sex Offender moves into one of these designated zones, PublicDataCheck's email alert system will notify you to ensure immediate warning. This is a safety measure that saves you the hassle of searching your address on a constant basis. A member may update the four addresses at any point during their membership.

9. First-rate Member Support

Our member support team is ready and available all but two days of the calendar year. Support training equips members with the in's and out's to address all of your needs. If a question is submitted via email submit, we make sure to respond back within a 24-hour time frame. For any questions or concerns, contact us at 1-800-950-0953.

10. Intuitive Website

PublicDataCheck takes pride in the amount of time and research we have taken to produce an intuitive website for our users. We understand that having an overload of data may create confusion and frustration. Our website is organized in a way that makes navigating and finding what you need easy and simple. Members are able to navigate from background reports to other services comfortably.

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